WRLD International Radio

Not only is WRLD proud to be Fairfax County's international channel, but it also features radio programs in languages other than English. WRLD can be found on Cox Cable Channel 30 and Verizon FIOS Channel 30.


When Channel 30 is not running programs, listen to new music from around the globe. During various days and times the radio shows are live! Call the studio at 703-876.9753 to share your feedback and ideas.

WRLD International Radio - Become A Producer!

1) Attend an Orientation

Orientation will give you a full picture of the opportunities & facilities we offer. Our staff will work one-on-one with you to develop your plan of action.

2) Become a Member

You become a member to use FPA’s equipment and support the organization.

3) Take the Classes

Whether you’re in to Radio or TV, classes provide a thorough hands-on learning experience. Classes have varying lengths & intensities.

4) Fill out a Program Proposal Form

Once you pass your class you are ready to begin working on a show! If you want your own show, you turn in a proposal form detailing the type of radio program you would like to produce. The Executive Director will review the proposal. Once your proposal has been approved, you receive a letter of confirmation.

5) Announce & Create!

You are now free to use the equipment that you’re certified for. This means you can begin your radio program. Some people choose to use their own equipment in conjunction with ours. Air time is now available and waiting for your voice!

6) Share Your Program With the Community

Air your radio or television show on one of our channels. We can be found on Cox Cable of Fairfax County, Verizon Fios, and Comcast Cable of Reston. We reach over 250,000 households in Northern Virginia. That’s close to a million potential viewers!