Production Music for Producers


Fairfax Public Access has signed an agreement with Ole Media Management for all of our TV producers who are looking for music to add to their shows. 

To use the music offered at this site you must first sign this contract.

Once you've downloaded this contract, there are 3 fields you must fill out.

1. Your name at the top of the first page.
2. Your name again on the last page.
3. Fill in the date.
4. Email the completed contract to Lisa Clarke at

Now you are able to go to Jingle Punks. The username is and the password is "fpamembers" and this log in will allow you to search for music in catalogues we have permission to use.

Any songs you want downloaded must first be added to a playlist. To do this:

On the left hand side of the page by Playlists click on the icon that looks like a folder with a plus sign on it. Name the new folder your full name and click save.
Next to the newly created folder click the "+" icon, name it whatever you want and click save.
To add songs to your playlist simply drag and drop the songs onto your playlist.
Once you've added all your songs, email Lisa Clarke at and let her know that you have a playlist ready for download.

Staff will download your playlist in .mp3 format and email you the file(s).

Please download the song(s) asap.

Staff will then delete your folder to signify that it's complete. So you'll need to make a new folder and new playlist every time.

Here is a helpful tutorial to help you learn how to search for music on Jingle Punks.


*Please note, we strongly advise using Chrome or Firefox as your preferred Jingle Player browser for optimal results.*

The easiest way to get started in the Jingle Player is by using the search bar. Type in popular band names for sound-alike material (Oasis, The Beatles, Danny Elfman, etc), type in pop cultural references like movies or personalities (Oceans 11, Wes Anderson, James Bond, Starbucks, etc.) or type in moods/emotions if that is more fitting to your project (Happy, Quirky, Sad, etc).  After the initial search, use the filters that drop down from the search bar to narrow your search even further. You can select music type, genre, mood and more. 

*Songs that have multiple durations or alternate versions are the tracks that have a tag icon located under the artist column. Click the tag icon to reveal these options.