Catalog & Registration FAQs

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While the core courses focus on teaching the use of our television and radio production equipment and facilities. 

Additional courses expand on other areas of pre-production, production and post-production to reinforce producer skills and enhance the quality of the productions.  

Begin your training with us, earn volunteer experience, follow your passion and produce your very own show.    

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Coronavirus status:

To ensure everyone's safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19, our implemented safety rules and measures have limited the available number of student spaces per course. Some of our lecture courses have transitioned to online learning using Zoom, however, our core equipment training workshops remain in-person to provide the essential hands-on attention and instruction to learn the various production related equipment.

Furthermore, our small course sizes ensure individual attention but please stay tuned for possible further updates relating to our COVID-19 safety protocols. 

How do I register and pay for a course?

*It is highly recommended to contact the Training Dept. ahead of time to check for course availability.  To attend a course you must be an FPA member. 

Registering for Courses

Contact the Training Department to enroll.  To ensure a spot in the class please complete the fee at the time of the registration.  Otherwise, the Training Department will enter the registration as a “prospect student” and issue an invoice to that member.   Spots are not reserved or guaranteed until the payment is received.  Therefore, early registration payment is encouraged to ensure the spot and to confirm that the class has the required number of students to proceed. “Prospect students” can complete course payment by calling back to the Training Department, or once the invoice is issued you may mail in the payment, or complete it in person at the admin office or the equipment room.

As long as no additional members complete the registration fee, spaces will remain open until 48hrs (2 business days) before the start of the class. At that point, the class registrations closes for ALL in order to finalize the roster and necessary course materials. “Prospect students” that have not completed the fee by the registration deadline are not included in the final roster. We cannot accommodate late payments, late registrations and day of class walk-in students.

Training Department Office Hours:

Monday thru Friday: 8am-4pm

Phone: 571-749-1102

Fax: 571-749-1112 


Payment Methods

Course payments must be made in full at least 48 hours (2 business days) before the start of the course. FPA accepts: Checks (payable to FPA), MasterCard, Visa, Cash or Money Orders.

  • Members may register & pay by phone with a credit card by calling the Training Department (571-749-1102).
  • By mail if sufficient time is left before the start of the course.  Registrations submitted by mail should include a completed copy of our course registration form in order to confirm the student name, the name of the course, and the course date they wish to enroll in.  Always ensure to contact the Training Dept. ahead of time to confirm your reservation ahead of time. Mail in the registration and payment to the Attention of the Training Dept.  Fairfax Public Access - 2929 Eskridge Road Suite S, Fairfax, VA 22031
  • In person registration payments maybe be completed at the admin office or the equipment room during our hours of operation.
  • Please inform the Training Dept. of any discounts you may qualify for at the time of your registration/class reservation. If using volunteer credits to help lower a class fee only those credits available a week before the class date will be applied towards the class fee.
Where are courses held?

All courses will be held at the Fairfax Public Access station located at: 2929 Eskridge Rd., suite S, Fairfax, VA 22031. There are plenty of available parking spaces at the Alliance Center but please park in the slots marked "Reserved 2929 “S”, “T" or "V" (Visitors).

Are there any course discounts?

Course Discounts (Student discounts do not apply to the TV & Radio Summer Camps or test-outs) 

  • Senior Citizens (age 60+) may choose for a 20% tuition discount. Please provide a copy of your driver's license at the time of the membership registration to qualify for this discount.
  • Fairfax Public Access also offers 20% discount to High, Middle & Elementary schools along with Colleges in Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland areas. Please provide a copy of your student ID or latest school registration.
  • Certified FPA members can earn class credits towards FPA training classes when they volunteer their services for shows produced at or through FPA. Please review our volunteer information for further details about this program. 

*Discounts can be combined but not exceed 50% of the course fee.

What are FPA's course withdrawal and refund policy?

To withdraw and receive a full refund or a class credit for future classes your request must be received two business days prior to the class start date.  Students who cancel with less than two business days of the first day of a class will not receive a refund. However, students will have the option of applying the course fee to another class (class credit) or transfer to the next available class.

Processing of refunds take two weeks and our Accounting Department issues the refund by mailing a check to the student.

For further questions, you may contact the Training Dept. (571-749-1102), Email us at or fax us at (571-749-1112). Please include your full name and the class you are withdrawing from when requesting a refund.  

What happens if I'm late or miss a class session?

Punctuality is very important especially on single day workshops.  Latecomers risk receiving an incomplete or a failing grade and may be required to reregister in full for the course in order to be certified.

If you'll miss or are going to be late, contact both the instructor and the Training Dept. as soon as possible. Please note that FPA does not offer makeup sessions and instructors are only available during the specific scheduled course hours. Too much missed content might cause a student to receive a fail or incomplete grade and will require the student to re-register and repay he course fee in order to get properly certified.

What is FPA's inclement weather policy?

Please visit our website call FPA or call our main number at 571.749.1100 for changes to the schedule due to inclement weather.  FPA also follows the same inclement weather closings as Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale campus.

Why are some courses in the schedule labeled as ACE?

Fairfax Public Access has a partnership with Fairfax County Public Schools - Adult Community Education. Courses labeled as ACE are the same as the others with the only difference being that registration is open to ACE students first. A week before the course start date registration becomes officially open thru the FPA Training Dept. (as long as openings remain in the class). To register ahead of time in one of these classes, FPA members can enroll with ACE as well but please visit ACE's website or call 703-658-1201.

Can a class be cancelled?

If inclement weather or insufficient enrollment necessitates cancelling a course, we will notify you by Email or phone. Registrants in canceled courses should contact FPA at 571.749.1102 for future class dates. You will have the option to transfer you enrollment to a future class, receive a course credit or a full refund of the course fee amount.

How can I use my volunteer credits to pay for courses?

When you wish to register for a course, contact the Training Dept. directly. The Training Dept. can check the status of you volunteer credits and inform you of any possible course discounts.

Upon completion of all course volunteer requirements students can continue to volunteer and earn $20 of class credit per session. This credit can be used to pay up to a maximum of 50% of a course free. 

Always remember to complete a green volunteer form and have the producer sign and approve the bottom half.  To receive credit, submit the completed form no later than 24hrs after the completion of your volunteer session either at the Training Dept. or Equipment Room.

*Please inform the Training Dept. of any discounts you may qualify for at the time of your registration/class reservation. If using volunteer credits to help lower a class fee only those credits available a week before the class date will be applied towards the class fee.

For more information check the volunteer for class credit page.