Forms FAQ

I have my first program ready; What do I need to do now?

Once your program has been approved and you have completed your first episode, you may turn in your show to the Programming Department.  You must turn in your program with a completed Television Program Submission Form.  Without this form, Programming will not air the episode so make sure you complete it and sign it!

Can outside producers submit shows for airing?

If you are a producer from another county wishing to have your program considered for airing at Fairfax Public Access, you may do so in two ways.

You may first find a Fairfax County Resident to sponsor your show. The resident must be a member at FPA and their membership must be up to date. The sponsor may then submit a Television & Radio Program Proposal Form for your program. Once that is approved the sponsor serves as a liaison between you and FPA and may begin submitting shows for airing.

If you are unable to find a sponsor for your show, you may submit your program as an outside program. This means you must first become a member here. Afterwards, submit a Television & Radio Program Proposal Form. Once approved, you may then begin submitting your program for airing.

Can I submit my program to other public access stations or websites for airing?

If you have used any FPA studios or equipment to complete your program, you must first submit Permission to Distribute Form to the Program Director.  You must list every public access station and website you wish to have your show aired on.  Once approved, you may submit your show to the stations/websites you requested for airing after the episode has aired at FPA first.  Once it has aired, you are ready to go.

What is a Television Renewal & Radio Renewal Form?

Every six months FPA requires producers to declare their intention to continue doing their show.  If you have a television or radio program that you would like to keep active, you should receive renewal forms twice a year in the mail.  The renewal seasons are January thru June and July thru December.  You must fill out the form and either mail it in or drop it off at the station for approval. 

Is there a fee associated with any of these forms?

FPA does not charge a fee for any of these forms.  The only fee required is the $26 dollar annual membership fee.  You must have your membership up to date for any of the forms to be approved.

How can I be a guest on a show?

If you are looking to be a guest on a program please check our program listing to see which program here would be a good fit for you.  Once you find a program you are interested in being a guest on, you may then get in contact with the producer of that program with the details they have provided on their program description.

How do I become a member?

First attend one of our orientations if you are able to come down and attend. You may become a member in person at Fairfax Public Access or if you are out of the area, you may download and print our Membership form and mail it in with a payment of $26.00 for one year. We accept check, money order, Visa or MasterCard.  Please also mail us a copy of a state or government issued ID for processing.  Anyone can become a member. Please indicate on the form whether the membership is in Fairfax County or out of Fairfax County.

What do I do after membership?

After becoming a member, take the classes necessary in order to use our facilities.  After you complete your coursework, you may start producing your show.

Do I have to do a show to be a member at FPA?

Only if you want to!  Some members prefer the technical side rather than being on-air, and there is always a place for volunteers.

Is email or facsimile transmission of forms accepted?

FPA does not accept email or fax copies of any of the above forms from new producers.  FPA requires hard copy submission of all forms.  However, exceptions will be made for long-time producers here at FPA.  Please see the appropriate departments for more details.

What is the next step after my program has been approved?

You will receive a letter stating the approval of your program.  Follow the instructions on the letter for your next step.  If you intend on using FPA facilities or field equipment, you may begin reserving studio and field time with the Equipment Room at 571-749-1111.  If you are bicycling your program that is ready to air, you may then call the Program Director at 571-749-1118 to learn about submittal requirements and negotiate a time slot.