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As Fairfax County's community public media station during the summer season we offer teens interested in television studio production and post-production video editing a great outlet to learn, experience, and use the tools of the trade.

This summer we are offering two separate camps with each having two start dates to choose from. The TV Studio Production camp offers a chance to learn the ins and outs of creating a television show, while our Post-Production camp instructs students on the basics of video editing, while learning Adobe Premiere Pro; one of the industry-leading editing software used for film, TV, and web.


DISCOVER the behind the scene process of what it takes to create a television program. Learn about the equipment and key production roles.  There is a lot of effort involved; therefore, teamwork and preparedness will be key to make a successful show.  Each program created as part of the camps will only be as good as the crew involved; therefore, we are looking for the best, most dedicated students interested to learn about this exciting media.  The goal for the TV Studio and TV Field camp is to create a 30-minute program, planned and filmed by the students and then edited with the aid of the instructor. If successful, the program will then air on Channel 10.

TV101 Studio Production Camp

Our studio TV camp includes instruction in pre-production and production areas, including all the key equipment and crew roles such as scriptwriting, studio lighting, studio cameras, set design, audio, floor directing, on-air talent, graphics, and technical Directing.  Learn the “how to’s” of creating studio television programs and what is needed to put together a half-hour show. Successful completion of the camp allows students to receive certification approval on both the use of our studio A and B equipment and as possible future TV producers.  Participants will also receive a copy of the final student project and information of when it will air on Channel 10.  Students are further encouraged to take advantage of their annual FPA membership and volunteer in the various studio shows to improve their skills and gain production experience.

Positions covered in the TV 101 Studio camp include: Studio Camera operator, audio operator, Lighting, Set-Design, Graphics operation, Technical Directing, Floor Directing, Talent, and an overview of post-production work.

Cost: $500

TV101 Post-Production Video Editing Camp

If you are interested in learning how to tweak and edit videos and better understand the role of a professional video editor this camp is for you. Participants in this camp will learn the functions of the widely used Adobe Premiere video editing software and the essential techniques to become proficient at editing videos. The camp objectives are twofold, the first goal is to teach students the tools and workflow on how to operate the software program and the second is to teach the concepts of basic storytelling to create more compelling TV, Film or online videos. Leading to a more rounded editor. 

Topics covered in the editing camp include: Program tools, importing and trimming footage, adding transitions, working with audio and music, using text/graphics, color correction and exporting.

Cost: $350

For further information please contact us at the Training Department, 571-749-11102 /

2024 Teen Summer Camp Schedule
TV101 Studio Production Camp A        
2 week camp        
Camp Orientation: Sat. 7/6, 9am-10am        
Mon. 7/8 – Fri. 7/19, 8am-12pm        
Cost: $500
TV101 Post-Production Camp A        
1 week camp        
Camp Orientation: Sat. 7/13, 9am-10am        
Mon. 7/15 - Fri. 7/19, 9am-1pm        
Cost: $350
TV101 Studio Production Camp B        
2 week camp        
Camp Orientation: Sat. 7/27, 9am-10am        
Mon. 7/29 – Fri. 8/9, 8am-12pm        
Cost: $500
TV101 Post-Production Camp B        
1 week camp        
Camp Orientation: Sat. 8/10, 9am-10am        
Mon. 8/12 – Fri. 8/16, 9am-1pm        
Coast: $350
Camp fee includes cost of annual membership ($26).         
Discount option: Register by May 31st and save 10% with our early bird registration discount.

-TV 101 Studio Production Camp Registration Form

-TV Post-Production Camp Registration Form

-2024 Camp Parental Consent Form

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register and pay for a camp?        

It’s highly recommended to contact the Training Department ahead of time to check for camp availability.        

Registering for Camp        

Step 1: Complete camp registration form        

Step 2: Complete parental consent form        

Step 3: Mail registration forms and payment to:        

           FPA – Attn: Training Dept.        

           2929 Eskridge Rd., Suite S, Fairfax, VA 22031        

Additional options:

  • Completed camp registration forms can also be email or faxed to the Training Dept. and the fee can then be completed over the phone.
  • Completed registration forms and payments can also be submitted in person at the Training Dept.  or at the Equipment Room offices.

Training Department General Office Hours:        

Weekdays: 8:00am – 10:00pm        

Equipment room hours of operations: Weekdays 12pm-10pm and weekends 8am-8pm        

Where are the camps held?        

All camps and orientation sessions are held at our studio facilities located at:        

2929 Eskridge Rd., Suite S, Fairfax, VA 22031.        

As part of the TV101 Field camp field production exercises are conducted in locations around the station, such as the Alliance for Community Media and the Merrifield Mosaic District centers.        

Are there any camps discounts?        

The FPA summer camp fee includes the yearly FPA membership cost of $26 dollars and as part of the 2024 camp season FPA offers a 10% summer  camp discount for enrollments completed by May 31st.        

What are the camp’s withdrawal and /or refund policy?        

To withdraw and receive a full refund, your request must be received no later than two business days (48 hrs) prior to the camp orientation start date. After the first session, no refunds will be made.  However, if availabilities remain we can attempt to accommodate a student and transfer them to one of the next available camps.  Please allow two weeks for refunds to be processed.        

For further questions, please contact the Training Department.