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FPA offers students interested in Television and Radio production a great outlet to learn, experience, and create.  Each summer we offer 1 week Radio and 2 week Television Camps, which certifies participants in the use of our production equipment and as FPA station producers.  Once properly trained, participants can begin volunteering and earn production experience throughout the year by helping in the various public access programs created at FPA or even create a show of their own.  

In the case of the Radio Camp, students learn the use of our WRLD radio studio equipment (audio board, mics, tapes, and recording decks) and learn the procedures on how to conduct a radio show.  During the camp, students will work in creating individual show segments such as, news reports, traffic updates, or a specific student-selected themes. Together they will then finalize the project to create a 1-hour radio show to air at our station.

We also have two versions of our TV 101 Camps.  An indoor television studio production camp or a field production / documentary-style camp.  For each TV 101 Camp, students will learn about the equipment and the wide variety of crew positions needed to create a successful television project. The first week generally consists of learning the use of the equipment and crew positions; while in week 2 the students work together to create a 30 minute program.  Our instructor will guide the students through all the production phases and explain the importance of proper planning and preparation.   

The FPA summer camp fee includes the yearly FPA membership cost of $26 dollars and the station has an early 5% summer camp registration discount for enrollments completed by May 31, 2018.

For additional information, or if you'd like to have extra copies of our camp booklets, please contact the FPA Training department at 571.749.1102 or  We are happy to email or mail out copies of our camp booklets for those that are interested. 

2018 Summer Camp Schedule

2018 TV 101 Studio Camp A

2 weeks (July 9 – July 20)
Monday - Friday, 8am-12pm
w / orientation on July 7, 9am-10am

Cost: $500

2018 TV 101 Field Camp

2 weeks (July 23 – Aug. 4)
Monday - Friday, 9am-1pm
w / orientation on July 21, 9am-10am

Cost: $500

2018 TV 101 Studio Camp B

2 weeks (Aug. 13 – Aug. 24)
Monday – Friday, 8am-12pm
w / orientation on August 11, 9am-10am

Cost: $500

2018 WRLD Radio Summer Camp A

1 week (July 9 – July 13)
Monday – Friday, 9am-1pm

Cost: $350

2018 WRLD Radio Summer Camp B

1 week (Aug 6 – Aug 10)
Monday – Friday, 9am-1pm

Cost: $350

Note: For Radio Camp students, we
encourgage students to attend one
of our regular orientations to learn
more about FPA. Click here for info. 

5% discount for registrations received by 5/31/18

Download the 2017 Summer Camp Forms

TV 101 Registration Form

WRLD Radio Registration Form

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