Board of Directors

The television and radio programs aired by FPA reflect the viewpoints of individual producers and do not necessarily represent those of the station, its staff or supporters. 


FPA, as an organization or as represented by its officers, directors, members or staff, cannot and does not support or endorse any political party or affiliation. 

FPA's Board of Directors is comprised of 9 members of varying terms of which 6 are member-elected and 3 are board-appointed. The annual meeting of the Board of Directors is held every September during which voting members are able to submit their votes for open positions. The Board of Directors also hold monthly meetings during the last Wednesday of each month. 

Current Board Members: 

Hurriyet Ok - President 

Ruth Bennett - Vice President 

Gayle Yoitis - Secretary 

Steve Mullen - Treasurer 

Colin Davies 

Peggy Fox 

Reggie Marston 

Sharon Sorbell