Underwriting is a means by which an individual, business, corporation, or foundation provides support for a specific program, a series of programs or FPA’s general cablecasting activities.  By underwriting FPA programming, this support helps individual producers defray some of the costs of producing their programs, and is comprised of either financial support or the contribution of material items, known as in-kind support.   Whether financial or in-kind, all underwriting support is tax deductible.  While similar to a donation, underwriting differs from a donation in that underwriters can also be thanked with on-air recognition by the program or, in the case of FPA general support, on-air thanks in the breaks between programming.

To learn more about how you can support FPA through financial or in-kind underwriting, contact Executive Director Chuck Pena at cpena@fcac.org or at 571-749-1110. FPA members can also review the Underwriting Guidelines and Form if trying to procure underwriting for their programs.

Thank you to all of our underwriters who have provided significant support throughout the years.