Friday, June 28th - Channel 37

12:00 am

80's Music Mix

2:00 pm

American Dreamtime - The Robert Barham Show
Air Dates

Every Friday at 2pm


Listen in and join our conversation each week with a variety of guests as we discuss successes and insights in life and business and beyond. The show airs Fridays 2-3pm Eastern on Radio Fairfax.

3:00 pm

80's Music Mix

4:00 pm

In the Mix Show
Air Dates

Every Friday at 4pm


In the Mix Show highlights independent and mainstream artists from around the world discussing hot topics.

5:00 pm

Caribbean Fusion

6:00 pm

Cross Culture
Air Dates

Fridays at 6pm


1000+ years of repertoire - opera, oratorio, cantata, sonata, concerto, symphony, tone poem, ballet, chamber music, sacred and secular choral music (chants, madrigals, etc.) all here on Cross Culture every Friday evening!

8:00 pm

Radio Production Class

10:00 pm

80's Music Mix

11:00 pm

Lucifuge Radio
Air Dates

Every Friday at 11pm


Metal is still here, Lucifuge Radio is just bringing it to the forefront of the mainstream by playing all types of quality metal!