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Tuesday, November 16th - Channel 37

12:00 am

Jazz Mix

8:00 am

Let's Just Talk

Air Dates

Every Tuesday at 8am


Host Kathryn Raaker interviews exciting and knowledgeable guests on topics relevant to her wide audience base, ranging from all ages 18 to 100 years old!

9:00 am

Prophetic Word

Air Dates

Prophetic Word Radio - Every Tuesday morning at 9am on Radio Fairfax.

Prophetic Word TV - Channel 36 Mondays at 1pm, Tuesdays at 7am, and Fridays at 630pm.


The Prophetic Word Program is an English language presentation, a monologue, by Yisrayl Hawkins of The House of Yahweh, discussing various bible prophecies and world events; relating these to how they affect us as individuals, families, goverments and societies; and presenting realistic and biblically based solutions to the problems that mankind has faced for thousands of years.

10:00 am

England Swings

Air Dates

Tuesdays at 11am


England Swings presents the best, brightest, newest, and coolest music from the UK. Each week they present both new and older music from the vast history of British popular music. Special features include a Beatles set, UK Music News, and a countdown of the top 5 songs in the UK on that day. Tune in to catch up on the most amazing music from England!


12:00 pm

Spiritual Principles for Emotional Healing with Dr. Denise

Air Dates

Tuesdays at 10am


Spiritual Principles for Emotional Healing with Dr. Denise is a show dedicated to the intergration of spirituality, faith, mental health, and psychology.  Besides the spiritual encouragement and education, the show helps to break down the stigma and denial most people have towards addressing their emotional health, especially within faith-based communities.

1:00 pm

Jazz Mix

2:00 pm

The Outer View

Air Dates

Tuesdays at 4pm


The Outer View is a show that examines all of the evolutions in Jazz over the last 70 years with emphasis on the more modern developments. We cover Jazz from all over the world as well as the music's intersections with rock, folk and other genres. Every week you'll probably hear something you never heard before.

3:00 pm

Jazz Mix

4:00 pm

The Big Dig

5:00 pm

Free For Me

6:00 pm

Rock Roll Rhythm & Soul

Air Dates

Mondays at 12pm


Music from the 40's through the 60'... Blues like Jimmy Reed, Howlin' Wolf, and BB King...R&B like Ruth Brown and Louis Jordan...Urban Vocal Group Sound like the Spaniels, Clovers, and Heartbeat...Rock & Roll like Elvis, Little Richard, and Fats Domino. You'll hear music, interesting facts & fiction of a particular year, plus up-to-date weather reports & community news. The last Tuesday of the month brings artists into the spotlight for the segment called "Cavalcade of Stars." Phone calls & requests are encouraged!

8:00 pm

Falls Count Anywhere or Radio Hotline

Air Dates

Alternate Tuesdays at 8pm


Falls Count Anywhere

A forum for fans of professional wrestling to discuss their favorite topics. The DC area has a rich wrestling history, with some of the biggest names hailing from this community. Join us for an entertaining discussion of professional wrestling's past, present and future.

Radio Hotline with Dennis Price

Having an in-depth interview show is a great excuse to ask men, women, kids, seniors, Gen X'ers, MDs, PhDs, teams, authors, business owners, couples, lawyers, vets, or any person that strikes my fancy to ask, "What do you do, how and why do you do it, what makes you happy, what do your parents think of this, what are your plans for the future?" It's live, it's fun, it's thoughtful.  Listen in, call in, ask your own questions. 

10:00 pm

Jazz Lighthouse

Air Dates

Tuesday at 10pm


Celebrating America's one true native contribution to the arts, the Jazz Light House with Herb Archey features music, commentary and information regarding selected works, styles, treatments and highlighted artists.