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Monday, September 2nd - Channel 36

12:00 am

Prophetic Word

Air Dates

Prophetic Word Radio - Every Tuesday morning at 9am on Radio Fairfax.

Prophetic Word TV - Channel 36 Mondays at 1pm, Tuesdays at 7am, and Fridays at 630pm.


The Prophetic Word Program is an English language presentation, a monologue, by Yisrayl Hawkins of The House of Yahweh, discussing various bible prophecies and world events; relating these to how they affect us as individuals, families, goverments and societies; and presenting realistic and biblically based solutions to the problems that mankind has faced for thousands of years.

12:30 am

Picasso and the Saltimbanques

1:00 am

Pleasant Hope

Air Dates

Every Monday at 1am, Thursday at 6pm, and Sunday at 9:30am on Channel 36 - Every Sunday at 1:30pm on Channel 10


Pleasant Hope features sermons from church pastors, guests, and other associate ministers every week.  Pleasant Hope aims to serve the spiritual needs of the community.

1:30 am

FPA Spiritual

5:30 am

Community Inspiration

Air Dates

Every Monday at 5:30am, Wednesday at 2pm, and Friday at 11am


Community Inspiration delivers educational talk interviews designed to uplift viewers.  Achieve your goals in life from the inspiration you receive watching this program!

6:30 am

Come Be Fed

Air Dates

Mondays at 630am, Thursdays at 630pm, Saturdays at 1130am


Come Be Fed is a weekly faith-based program with spiritually uplfiting entertainment.

7:00 am

Good News Washington Church

Air Dates

Every Monday at 7am, Wednesday at 11am, and Sunday at 9:30pm


Done in Korean and English, Good News Washington Church preaches the gospel to the nation.

7:30 am

Mindshift Relationship Court

Air Dates

Every Monday at 7:30am, Wednesday 10:30am, and Friday 2:30pm


Mindshift Relationship Court is an educational program intended for business owners who are looking for advice and looking to obtain the help needed in order to better grow their business.

8:00 am

Special Programming

9:30 am

La Pimpernela Escarlata

11:00 am

Armor of God

Air Dates

Mondays at 11am, Wednesdays at 1am, Sundays at 12pm


Exploring current global conditions, along with the latest social trends, The Armor of God program asks the question, "What are the solutions to our broken world?"  New perspectives are presented for your consideration by our commentators and challenges you to be vigilant in your outlook and understanding of this world in these tumultuous times. 

11:30 am

Word & Spirit Encounter

Air Dates

Every Monday at 11:30am, Wednesday at 4pm, and Sunday at 5:30am


With all the things going on, wouldn't you like to hear a word that comes from God with a spirit backing it? That's the reason it's on this station every week and they want you to tune in. There is a word encounter and spirit filling for you. See you again!

12:00 pm

La Pequena Princessa

1:30 pm

The Speaking Unity

Air Dates

Every Monday at 1:30pm, Sunday at 7am, and Sunday at 8:30am


The Speaking Unity program provides love and respect to all creations.  It teaches high moral values and to live in unity with everything.

2:00 pm

Special Programming

3:00 pm

Grace & Truth Ministries

Air Dates

Mondays at 3pm, Thursdays at 630am, Saturdays at 930am


Watch Grace & Truth Ministries to receive Greek and Hebrew word studies from the King James version of the bible, in a classroom-style setting.  Study curriculum includes the history of Israel, predestination, the 70 weeks of Daniel, prophesy and more more.  Watch Pastor Jim Brown expound and critique various bible translations to assist in your understanding of essential Christian doctrines. 

3:30 pm

Los Viajes de Gulliver

5:00 pm

That's Life with John Carver

5:30 pm

Tomorrow's World

Air Dates

Every Monday at 5:30pm, Friday at 1am, and Saturday at 10am


The secret of your purpose for existence has been kept from you for far too long. What does God hold in store for you personally that has anything to do with the cosmos and the universe beyond this world. Christ government is coming back to this earth. Christ is returning as king of kings and Lord of Lords. Be sure to tune in every week or set your DVR's to watch Tomorrow's World.

6:00 pm

Rivers of Living Water

Air Dates

Every Monday at 6pm, Tuesday at 5:30am, and Saturday at 9pm on Channel 36 - Every Sunday at 2:30pm on Channel 10


Rivers of Living Water spreads the Gospel through music and teachings.  Tune in every week to hear Christian music and sermons to uplift your soul.

7:00 pm

A New and Living Way

Air Dates

Every Monday at 7pm, Every Saturday at 7pm, Every Sunday at 7:30am on Channel 36 - Every Wednesday at 9pm on Channel 10


Learn lessons from the bible every week on this Christian based program.

7:30 pm

Transforming Lives

Air Dates

Every Monday at 7:30pm, Wednesday at 7am, and Sunday 3pm


Transforming Lives shares life transforming information that is relevent to build lives of families through gospel teaching.

8:00 pm

Olmec Art of Ancient Mexico

8:30 pm

I Need Fixed

Air Dates

Every Monday at 8:30pm, Thursday at 11:30am, and Sunday at 6am


I Need Fixed is a teaching based program highlighting biblical principles and practices.

9:00 pm

El Libro de la Selva

10:30 pm

El Greco: An Artist's Odyssey

11:00 pm

Special Programming